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  1. I am a Professor in the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA.   I teach in the doctoral program on Urban Schooling and in the Teacher Education Program, where I also serve as Director of Faculty.  The courses I have taught at UCLA include:  

  2.                 . Education 409:  Language Structure, Acquisition and Use

  3.                 . Education 229:  Language Issues in Education

  4.                 . Education 229:  Immigrant Youth, Ethnography and Education

  5.                 . Education 229:  Sociocultural Language and Literacies

  6.                 . Education 19:    Children and Migration

  7. My work is interdisciplinary in nature, and I am affiliated with several interdisciplinary programs on campus: 

  8.                 . The Culture, Brain and Development Program

  9.                 . The Interdisciplinary Relationship Studies Program

  10.                 . The Migration Studies Co-facilitator of the winter seminar series in

  11.                    which we bring speakers to campus for an interdisciplinary look at

  12.                    migration issues.

  13. Before joining UCLA’s faculty I taught in the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University, where I had a joint appointment in the Learning Sciences and Human Development and Social Policy.  There I taught course on language, literacy and immigrant youth as well as ethnographic methods for research.

  14. I also served as a bilingual classroom teacher in Los Angeles Unified School District  from 1983-1993.  That is where my interest in children, language, literacy, migration, social justice and education really took form.


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